Facing Your Fears - Pt 1


Facing Your Fears...

& breaking free.

You probably don’t know this about me, but it wasn’t so long ago that I was a very doubtful and fearful person. Especially when it came to my dreams, my future and my purpose. It’s not that I didn’t have dreams; I just had no idea how to pursue them or if I even be good at it. I was always comparing myself to the person next to me and I would confuse their calling with my own. I didn’t go to college because I was scared of choosing the wrong subjects and wasting time. I was so scared of making a wrong decision that I didn’t make any decisions at all.

“What? Chloe? No. The girl who is full of confidence and chasing down her dreams and encouraging others to do the same? No way!”

Yes way.

Fear paralysed me. I was consumed by it and I didn’t even realise. It got me so good that it actually took me out of the game for a few years through my indecision, comparison, envy, lack of confidence and trust within my own talents, abilities, strengths. To the point where I even started to doubt that small inner voice in my spirit that I knew what calling me to these  things. I became stuck.

Stuck in comfortability.

Stuck in the everyday upkeep.

Stuck in the mind-set of ‘well this isn’t so bad’.

Stuck living my life-passions through the eyes of others gutsy enough to go for it.

I lived like this for most of my life. Can you believe it? Most of my life spent worrying, waiting, hoping, praying but unwilling to take action. Unwilling to take risks. Fearful of failure. Doubtful of success. Just hoping things would ‘fall into place’ one day.

I may be a little more confident now and yes, I am pursuing after my dreams with everything that is within me, but you need to know something. I don’t always feel confident. I definitely don’t always feel like I have it all together. I don’t always feel like chasing down that dream or writing that blog post, sending that email and so on. It takes guts, courage, determination, tears, passion, consistency and a whole lot of grace to stay the path. Not every day is a rosy, magical experience. But it is an adventure. It is process, process, process and growth, learning, experience, self-discovery and character building and so much more.

So what on earth am I getting at here? Why am I sharing all of this?

Maybe you relate to exactly what I’m saying. Maybe you’re stuck in fear-paralysis right now and have no idea how to get out. You feel like you’re in a glass box. You can see everything and everyone around you doing what they love and being paid for it - and they’re actually happy. You so desperately want to break out of the box but you also think it’s somewhat safe inside. It’s almost become easy and you’re just starting to get comfortable. But you can’t deny that niggling feeling that keeps coming back, reminding you of those dreams and visions that are deep inside of you waiting to come out.

I want you to know  there is a way out of the box. I want you to know you can be courageous in the midst of fear and breakthrough it. That you can start to live a life full of purpose and meaning and do what you love - all you were created to be, do and achieve! It might sound simple, but the follow-through is the hardest part. I know this is possible because I am a living example of what it’s like to be trapped inside the box, and to finally break free and start living in freedom, confidence and passion.

We were never meant to settle for a mediocre life. You for created a full, abundant life! Seriously! The Creator of the universe had planned long before you were thought into existence for you wake up everyday loving who you are and your purpose on this earth - unashamed, unafraid and undaunted. So over the next couple weeks let’s talk about fear - how to recognise it, how to reject the thoughts and lies it speaks to us and walk in the fullness of love that we were created for.  


Chloe xo