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I'm Chloe Somerfield and you're in the right place if you came looking for something real. This is not just another 'Christian blog'. Here is where we grow deep into the roots of our faith, discovering what we're made of so we can go and fully live it.


about soul & sparkle

Soul & Sparkle (SAS) was birthed out of a desire in Chloe's heart to encourage young women to really 'own' their faith and live wildly confident, free and full of passion. The 'Christian life' is so much more than memorising bible verses, showing up at church and being a 'good Sunday-School girl'. Through Chloe's own personal experience of living a life of shame and insecurity, to then being radically transformed by God's love, she knows firsthand that this 'Christian life' is the adventure of a lifetime. SAS aims to inspire and equip young women to really know God and His heart for them so they too, can live that adventure.    


We see a generation of young women who know God & His love for them, so they may realise their potential & sparkle in the fullness of who they were created to be.


Empowering young women to stand firm in their faith, know their worth and live confident & free. 

Our Values

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more about chloe 

I'm a pretty normal gal who loves Jesus, pasta, Disney movies, ethical fashion, and pretty much anything that sparkles. You may know me as the face behind SAS, but I'm also known as a daughter, wife and friend.

At 17, I met Jesus for the first time and it has forever changed my life. Up until that moment, I had lived the life of a young girl who would look in the mirror and hate what she saw. Before knowing God or my worth, I spent my whole life trying to measure up to every other girl around me; comparing and copying so I could fit in. I used my body to earn the affection of boys. My family life was broken down and I would constantly fight with my mum. I would spend my weekends, and even some school nights numbing the pain with alcohol; anything to forget the brokenness I lived in. My life was nearing the direction of a head-on collision... but God. God met me right in the middle of my mess at this small youth camp I practically stumbled into and he picked up the broken pieces of my little life and started to shape something beautiful out of it. Jesus takes our little life and breathes hope and freedom into us and we become alive. 

Jesus changed my life friends. And if he did it for me, I know He can do it for you. Now all I can do is share the same freedom, peace and joy I experience. 

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